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International Journal Papers

This page contains information of international journal articles that were published as part of this study. You will find the list below with links to the various articles.


Geris, J., J.-C. Comte, F. Franchi, A.K. Petros, S. Tirivarombo, A.T. Selepeng, and K.G. Villholth (2022)

Surface water-groundwater interactions and local land use control water quality impacts of extreme rainfall and flooding in a vulnerable semi-arid region of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Goldin J, Suransky C, Kanyerere T, Muchingami I (2022)

Keep the flow: citizen science and groundwater monitoring in the Limpopo

Goldin J (2022)

Jewels of Africa: citizen science on the African Continent

Journal of Anthropology and Archaeology, in preprint


Ray SS, Villholth KG, Goldin J, Mokomela R, Magombeyi M (2022)

Factors determining household water and food insecurity: empirical evidences from rural and peri-urban communities of Hout catchment, Limpopo, South Africa.

In Preprint

Lindle J, Villholth KG, Ebrahim GY, Sorensen JPR, Taylor RG, Jensen KH (2022)

Groundwater recharge controlled by ephemeral river flow and land use in the semi-arid Limpopo Province of South Africa.

Muchingami I, Mkali A, Kanyerere T, Vinqi L, Xu Y, Pietersen K, Jensen KH, Villholth KG, Whitehead R (2022)

Exploring the combined use of SMAP and Sentinel-1 data for downscaling soil moisture beyond the 1km scale.
WhatsApp Image 2022-06-23 at 06.08.59.jpeg

Muchingami I, Mkali A, Vinqi L, Pietersen K, Xu Y,  Whitehead R, Jensen KH, Villholth KG, Kanyerere T (2021)

Integration of hydrogeophysical and geological investigations in enhancing groundwater potential assessment in Houtriver gneiss crystalline basement formation of South Africa.

Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, 123, 2021, 103009.

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